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CRQH Level 1 is more than just a course; it's a journey into the depths of quantum healing. You will learn:

  • More than a dozen powerful ways to get a patient/client out of survival-stress mode and into an innate whole-being healing relaxation state.
  • Reactive body-mind testing and powerful yet subtle subconscious communication skills.
  • The essentials to balance and reboot the brain and sympathetic-parasympathetic nervous system vital to all cellular healing
  • Find the hidden suppressed subconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions and energetic blockages at cause for each symptom, condition, or life issue.
  • The foundations to resolve the often-hidden stress, trauma, and epigenetic and other lifetime trauma and karmic carryover causes.
  • How to tap into the cellular, mental, emotional and spiritual healing power to get clients/patients above and beyond results considered miraculous to many. You will be able to perform CRQH sessions after Level 1.

Who Should Join?

  • Health professionals seeking to expand their healing modalities.
  • Individuals interested in personal health and wellness.
  • Anyone curious about the intersection of quantum physics and traditional healing practices.

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Meet Dr Doug Lehrer. DC.

With over 38 years in the realm of energy medicine and healing, I’ve always envisioned a space where science harmoniously intertwines with spirit. My mission is to share the transformative power of Cellular Resonance® Quantum Healing with health and wellness enthusiasts worldwide. Together, our goal is clear: To profoundly enrich all aspects of human life – from health and love to prosperity.